Our Services


Stage Production

The stage is magical. That’s what people say about how magical things may happen at the center of all the attention. Our support is to imagine, create, brainstorm, and finally produce master works. There’s a detail in every shape, measurement, color, material, construction and function where we can explain further on our stage works. We mostly create music-performance stage, gathering, concert or any one in the exhibition. The pride of your event really depends on the stage presentation.


Equipment Supply

Worry no more upon event complexities. We will connect you to satisfaction by providing some other important element of every event like electricity, sound system, cabelling, lighting system, multimedia equipment, band equipment. Name the spec, we’ll get them for you at their affordably competitive prices.

Exhibition Stand

Supply Exhibition Material

Exhibition is a place where people gather to enjoy one creation yet it’s a hub of all business transaction through order. Great exhibition stand is the one that caters and facilitate brand display products, enhancement, corporate branding to communicate them with people. Let us share with your the function, usage, aesthetic in every detail of the shape effectively and efficiently.

Mobile Promotion Tool

developing an interactive of mobile branding tool

Catch your widespread and distant customers by developing an interactive and more aggresive design of mobile branding tool. We made one for Gudang Garam called Centertainment, a tool where 33 provinces of Indonesia can experience and be engaged whatever mobile promotion you are doing. Let’s sit down and jot down the ideas, we both can create a masterpiece to support business.

Product Display Booth

Booth Design & Production

Enhance the look and function of your product display through state-of-the-art design and production. Your product is a masterpice of mind, let it be placed in a proper place so that your prospective customers will positively appreciate and share others the beauty they see.


Custom Decoration

Like every girl who always wanna look pretty, our decoration work is like a make up that every event wears to look fabulous. Many times people get truly amazed and thrilled by event decoration of an event, it takes them somewhere to someplace they may have never been before. Let the event beauty reveal to support the event, we are here to give you the biggest support.

Outdoor Promotions

Backdrop Production & Installation

Vertical banners, balighos, billboards, X-banners, Roll-up banners and other outdoor promotions are part of our support. All you have to do is share clear and expected results, we work based on KPI dealing with license, permit, workforce, install in and out. Just sit back and relax, your brand will be all over everyone’s eyes.

why you should work together with us

6 Reasons working with us

Your event needs a thorough effort in budget calculation. Why spending more if you can get less. Pick the right material accordingly to save budget. We are here to support you reach event objectives in production. Spend less budget to get more satisfaction.

The production order you’re making now will cut your expenses in the next event. The materials you used before will be recycled properly and used for your next event production plan. Our recycle method will give you efficience up to 25% depending on the material. Spend 100% now and Spend 75% on your next order.

We run one big storage area in 2000 square meter to save all of your booths or stands, gently place them in a proper area so that you can use them again someday when needed (Term & Conditions apply)

We have been in event industry for more than 12 years of a journey, been through the thickest and thinnest of life experience. Our maximum of 75 workers in long work-shifts will be ready to serve you build your production dream at any time of weekdays and weekends. They’re mostly craftsmans who are experienced in their own field for many years.

We are more than delighted to give you support and production advice on what’s best to do, what materials to be used, production timeline and creative ideas, so that you won’t feel alone to convince your clients. If necessary, we can send our office representative to present production plan to your client. It’s like having your own team without having to pay.

When was the last time you had a friend who understands you more than any others? We realize the most important things in event Industry are truly based on trust, credibility and integrity. And most of the time we keep dreaming to a friend who truly cares. We help you gain and build those three in the eyes of your clients. Sleep well and we’ll take a good care of your business in production aspect. Your clients’ reward given to you is like a gasoline that burns our productivity